We sat down at our favorite ice cream joint and the menu was a MadLib story. Our first together.


“What’s that?”

“Person, place, or thing.”


“Ok… now I need a verb, an action word.”


“Great, okay… adjective, a descriptive word…”


“Super. Okay, now they want a famous person… do you know any famous people?”

“George Washington!”

After we ready the story, Asher wanted to do it again.

“Okay, another famous person.”

“President Obama!”

Grin. This boy is brilliant!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair.

The boys are snuggled in my bed this morning. I awake early and quietly climb out of bed, shower and eat breakfast, make Asher’s lunch. Six more days of Kindergarten. It’s been a year, and I’m finally letting down my hair and sinking into my skin as a single mom with two fabulous, curious, loving boys.

The boys awake and Finn calls for his Rapunzel. Asher hops out of bed and instead of running to get “first” cuddles with Mom he runs in their room and searches for Finn’s Rapunzel. The new little $4 Disney doll is the length of my pointer finger and as skinny as my thumb, but the hair is as long as my forearm. Rapunzel slips into his pocket at school and he cuddles and twirls her hair instead of mine. He loves it.

“Mom, I can’t find it, can you help me?” Asher hops back in bed with Finn and they cuddle together. The little beauty is tucked in a pocket of a handmade pillow. I find it and Finn turns over, smiling so widely.

If there wasn’t any sunshine in the world the boys could be in charge of making it.



Fresh Food

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Wet rain trickles on our faces and Asher eats a whole cucumber from the Tuesday’s Farmers Market.


After a rainy afternoon in the library, Finn chose a book about two best friends and an alien potato with fuzzy green ear hair and Asher chose to check out of the library a set of books about “safety.” Our librarian fills blue net bags with books relating to the topic. The last bag I brought home was about “potty training”.  We definitely hadn’t spoken about “safety” in a formal way and I liked Asher’s new interest.

When we got home the first book on safety we read was about learning how and when to dial 9-1-1. The boys practiced pushing the book’s “phone” buttons and stated their names and the emergency loud and clear to the “dispatcher.” We learned to stop drop and role. Not to play with matches. The boys had heard some of these cautionary warnings, but to actually sit down with a book synthesized some learning.  We read a few books on strangers and then the following night we sat down and watched the DVD that was in the learning bag.

For as long as I can remember the boys have always been friendly and open-hearted to everyone we would greet on the street.  They  welcomed new babysitters, new friends, and our neighbors. However, how do I break it to them that there are bad people out there that do bad things? The video explained it like this.. “people are like dogs too, they may look nice and sweet and friendly, but you just don’t know what they could do to you…”

Hmmm. We kept watching.

After the movie the boys were clear about our safety circle and we even came up with some codes when we were in public if the boys were starting to break the safety zone.  We identified family and friends that were in the safety circle and clearly defined the “kind of knows” in our life… mailman, neighbors, and the ice cream truck driver etc.

When I drove to school the next day Asher said “I’m going to have to tell my friend Artemis about this, she hugs everyone.” When I picked up Finn from school his teacher told me that he heard Finn said to his friend Nate, “If someone tries to pretend to be your Dad and he’s a stranger, RUN!” or something to that effect.

This will take practice, role playing and more healthy discussions. They weren’t ready before and now they are teaching it. Unfortunately there are hurtful people in the universe.

Maybe Asher can reproduce that heart medallion he made for all of us to wear on a daily basis, so we can remind ourselves that we are loved, lovable, strong, and safe.

Asher made me a beautiful heart medallion. After it adorned my neck for a day, it now hangs in my car to protect my heart and all that I love.

Found this great sign that read:

“Create something every day.
Snuggle as much as possible.
Let life be imperfect.
Be kind.
Use your imagination.
Have a grateful heart.
Be yourself.
Dream Big.
Say I love you.
Believe in Miracles.”


“When I grow up Mom… I want to investigate bodies…”

“Find out what?”

“Find mustard in stomachs, look how the blood flows…. what’s inside and how it works…”

“I think that’s fantastic. Do what makes you the happiest.”

I didn’t slap a label on it.